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Long before the economic gurus and financial pundits could predict economic downslide, the crisis caught the financial corporations and institutions napping in the United States in 2006. It steadily grabbed hold of almost all major financial market and Wall Street before it could be tackled. Nobody was aware that it would prove even worse than earlier ones. It created a sort of financial void in which every Tom, Dick and Harry with poor credit rating are trapped. Nobody or corporation, bank or credit agency was ready to deal as freely as they used to be just a year earlier. One of the best hotels in the region along with the Trump Hotel is the Sheraton bijao beach resort – all inclusive

One of the boldest and smartest moves has been investing in Panama. The creation of the Trump Panama Hotel has been an icon for the city. This spectacular resort – hotel right on the Panama bay has been a light in the market.

Such circumstances suit a real estate daredevil like Donald Trump. He jumped in the Roman arena of this US money market and announced his Trump Network. He announced to ensure job, food, “health and wealth” to everybody. Planning of his business intellectuals and his team of business writers seem or at least for the time being it seems, is so well-executed media has created mind blowing stories about his upcoming project. Although the project is to witness its inauguration in October 2009, it has already stirred the imagination of the commoners a la the arrival of some messiah on the Doomsday.

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Unique about his venture is that he has presented new wine in the old bottle of Multiple Level Marketing. It is the same old concept. However, Trump’s assertion that capitalism has lost its worth and he is heralding a new economic system through his Trump Network has given him much credibility. People are more prone to lending ears to this real estate tycoon rather than the marketing executives and financial analysts. Moreover, just think about it. Is it not tempting for the unemployed, the hungry and the poor to lay their hands upon job, food, health and wealth? Of course, it is very much attractive and this is the main reason that he has caught the imagination of middle class. However, it will be seen after October as to what is wrapped for us in the granary of time in the shape of Trump Network.

Getting to Know Panama

Since 1819, Panama was an integral part of Columbia. However, when Columbia rejected plans forwarded by the US to build a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, it was separated from Columbia through a revolution supported by the US. The new Panama government was able to persuade France to enter a treaty with the US to allow everlasting control of a zone that was five miles wide on either side of the canal. This Panama Canal Zone was a 553 square mile located within the Republic of Panama that was also unorganized US territory. It extends up to 5 miles on either side of the canal?s center line.

Except during political crisis, Panamians could freely enter the Panama canal zone. From 1903 to 1979, the complete area was controlled by the US which had actually built and financed the construction of the canal. This was not possible from 1979 to 1999 when the Panama Canal Zone was jointly controlled by the US and Panama. The Canal Zone was divided into two main sections ? the Atlantic Side and the Pacific Side. Gatun Lake separates the two. The canal cuts short the route enormously that ships took around the tip of South America, which was the normal route before 1914. The traffic on the canal is increasing tremendously but many military battleships, oil tankers and aircraft carriers are unable to pass through due to their size. In fact, there is a class of ships known as `Panamax? which are built to the maximum capacity that the Panama Canal and its locks can hold. It takes about fifteen hours for a ship to make a trip over the Panama canal zone from the east to the west coast of America. There are three sets of locks that empty and fill for ships to be buoyant and pass onto the next lock. It was earlier used mainly for military purposes for free movement of ships from one side to the other.

The Colon Free Trade Zone Panama is located at the Caribbean portion of the Panama Canal. It is the second largest free trade zone in the world with access to three Atlantic ports. It was created in 1948 and on an average receives more than 250,000 visitors from all over the world especially from Jamaica, Venezuela, Columbia, US, Ecuador, Haiti etc. This Free trade zone Panama generates revenue of more than US$ 6.5 billion in 2005 due to exportation and re-exportation of products. These products include electric appliances, clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, textiles, liquors, cigarettes, and watches. This free movement of goods with total exemption of tax on imports and exports will make businesses use this to the maximum. This success of revenue generation is due to a combination of its geography since the Panama Canal Zone is located at the crossroads of the world?s busiest shipping routes.

If you want to visit the beaches near Panama. The Playa Blanca area is one of the favorites in the country. One of the most recommended hotels is the Sheraton Bijao Resort – an all inclusive property. 

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